Shijiroken's Midori no Hibi Tv Review

Rated: 8

hmmm..... the representation is really good, honest, you'll enjoy watching it, but sometimes you'll be irritated with midori in her tiny voice and think that how about if this anime will be entitled with days of ayasi?? hehehe... anyway, they represent the whole story in a day to day manner, the story starts in a new dat and ends at night or afternoon??

Also, the story is very short, when I say very short, it is very short... it has 13 episodes with 24 minutes each episodes, but the fact is, they have a good plot in that short series.. so it is trully original and unique, from characters, story, plots, events, situations, time and places...

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Shijiroken's Chobits Tv Review

Rated: 8

This anime do really have the humour also have some sad events, but most of all, love story... I do really enjoy watching this anime.... it has a lot of laughing episodes and one suspense episodes... I also like the book chii is reading, because it do really connects the love story of chii and hideki and I find it cute that in this anime it has two kinds of story, the chii and hideki story and the story of.... (that's for you to find out) hehehe...
Ok, the enjoyability, well for me, I trully enjoy this anime from beginning ti'll the end, because of all the plots, the make different conflicts and solutions everytime so you wouldn't want to miss a single episode and if you did, you'll miss the whole process of solving the whole mystery of conflicts or worst, miss the whole story...

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